Surf School Essaouira Kaouki

Small groups Surf School and Surf Coaching Sidi Kaouki Essaouira

Since 2008, Surf Ontology Blue Morocco, an alternative Surf School, first located in Imsouane and settled in Sidi Kaouki Essaouira since 2011, engaged itself to offer Surf Classes , Surf lessons and “Surf Trips Coaching” that would stay sustainable and respectful for the Spirit Surfing Tradition.

We believe that small groups Surf Coaching with high standards of quality, on empty adequated Surf Spots, providing a large choice of waves, concentration atmosphere, beautiful landscapes, peace and inspiration; are the minimum required for who wants to surf and improve, travel and discover nature treasures, fill itself with waves and Ocean energy.

Our “ethical” commitments:
– We choose uncrowded and naturally surrounded empty Surf Spots.
– We don’t welcome more than 4 guest surfers per week of Surf Trip Coaching.
– We don’t miss sunrise and sunset surf sessions during our surf trips and surf classes.
– We escaped from “industrial crowds” and mass business surf beaches during our story, looking for “secret locations”, where no one could see us, seeking for beauty, focus and peace.

With more than a decade of feedback and the desire to improve our surf teaching, we naturally choose to specialize in the organization of Surf Trips and Coaching Classes only for Small groups or individuals, with a preference for empty beaches and surf spots that are surrounded by untouched natural ecosystems.

Our vision of Surf teaching, our knowledge on Coaching, our experience of leading beginners, intermediate and advanced surfers to improve their surfing skills and ocean confidence, combined with the various range of topographic costal shapes behind the diversity of surf breaks that the area offers; made of our “Surf Trip Coaching” and “Surf Classes” a standard of very small groups Surf Travel and Coaching unique experience in Morocco.

We helped our guests to explore the universe of waves and surfing, to become familiar with the different swells, tides, rips and coastline bottom configurations that interfere to shape a wave ; we tried our best to help every guest surfer to get back home safe, filled with beauty, vitality, energy and hundreds of waves rode.
For the most of them, they come back once a year or more often, and even though they had travel to surf on many other Surf destinations worldwide, they feel at home here and say that they never feel such an improvement on the way of surfing than the one they feel with us; they also feel that the seeking of Nature, energy, peace and soul they find with Surf Ontology Blue Morocco brings the Surf Coaching and waves trip to another dimension: The Surf Path…

The Surf Coach:
Azhar Joundi, qualified and passionate Surf Teacher, with 15 years of surf coaching experience and more of teaching background, photographer and redactor, organized in Morocco since late 2003, more than 600 weeks of Surf Classes and Trips, with beginners to advanced surfers.

Technical manager of the Surf School, he is the founder of « Surf Ontology Blue Morocco » project, anciently Blue Morocco Surf School.

His Surf Coaching and Classes try to provide, above technical surfing skills, weather and wave’s knowledge, values of Surfing Spirit, an Ontology of Surfing that takes in consideration all the environments behind the life of a wave rode by a human being.

With patience and details observation, his intuition of personalities and feelings of other’s emotions, allows him to help each individual discover surfing or improving with joy, pleasure, and positive vibes.

Passionated by cultures, environmental issues, traditional alive arts ( we often forget that Surfing is a traditional alive social art and ritual) ;he transmitted the 15 past years his passion and interrest in the different forms and ways of riding a wave : Longboarding, Retro Fish, Alaïa Finless Free Friction styles, Stand Up Paddle, Shortboarding and BodySurfing.

Ocean Friendly regards.