Surf Coaching Classes

Surf Coaching Classes and Surf Lessons Sidi Kaouki Essaouira.
Surf Ontology Blue Morocco, a Surf School located in Sidi Kaouki Essaouira, organizes small groups and private Surf lessons, Surf Classes and Surf Coaching on Nature empty Surf Spots.
We can say that we are, in the area of Essaouira, Imsouane, the only Surf School specialized in small groups Surf Classes, for intermediate and advanced surfers, and also beginners that don’t stay beginners after a whole week with us…

Our Surf School  likes to coach particular surfers: beginner Surfers that feel themselves desperate beginners, those who tried often but didn’t succeed, the surfers that are advanced but don’t improve anymore, also those who surf well and never had been coached with Photo Shooting and one to one Waves coaching, those who like Surfing but feel scared in front of the waves, or think they are not enough fit for surfing.

So, by the fact that we only welcome 4 surfers with the same surf experience and aimings each week, we never melt different levels and prefer to say we are busy to 3 personns from a level asking for a booking that week, if we already have one booking with another different surf level the same period. There are in Essaouira and Morocco many other surf schools and camps, very professionals with beginners ponctual surf lessons, having big teams that can welcome and melt groups, of Surfers, Kite Surfers, WindSurfers.  We personnaly choose to stay different, and provide a surf service for those who don’t want to « buy » a surf lesson , a surf class or a surftrip ; but for the Surfers that think Surfing is above the Fun it provides, something serious that stimulates your body’s inner senses and reflexes, your mind’s focus and analysis, your will’s potentialities...
Your Surf Experience and level will determine the type of Surf Coaching Classes and lessons :
-Discovery Surf Classes : learn and improve the way you will stand and glide on your Surf board, how to understand and use the energy of the white water and mellow open face small waves ; you will discover or improve your take offs and drops at the top of the wave, going left or right.-Progression Surf Classes and lessons : You will improve your ability to catch hollower , faster and bigger waves, get more confident on line ups that requires a higher focus and fit, understand how to surf your waves longer, have higher lines on the Trim Line, do your first turns…Photo Shooting and analysis of some surf sessions are provided.-Advanced Surf Classes and lessons : We will help you understand and improve the exact small details that will allow you to complete your turns, barrels, airs, Hang Fives and Hang Tens ; have a better flow, cross the fast sections of the waves, get in rythm with the waves breaking. The Surf Coaching program includes Photo Shooting with a 400mm lens of all your sessions, as well as video shooting, depending from what we need to analyse, we provides you the files at the end of the program.SURF COACHING CLASSES AT SIDI KAOUKI ESSAOUIRA , MORE THAN JUST STANDARD SURF LESSONS.
Surf classes with Surf Ontology Blue Morocco offers a bit more than Standard Surf Lessons, it combines a technical training and teaching with individual support in the water, photos to debrief after your surf sessions, wild landscapes, glimpses of natural peace and beauty and pure surf spirit.Each  2 H 00 Surf Lesson is organized SAFELY according to the tides and weather conditions, we always choose the best moment and place to optimize your surfing time, the swell conditions will determine if the Surf Class is organized in Sidi Kaouki area or Essaouira.
The surf lesson goes the following way :
– observe and analyse the surf spot and weather conditions,
– define each one individual targets during the class,
– do a complete warm-up and stretching exercises,
– SURFING with the instructor, who gives you the right advices to feel, understand and progress,
– debriefing time .Morning Surf Coaching Classes and lessons Sidi Kaouki Essaouira.
-Reception in the point of RDV,
– driving or walking towards the spotlight (max 30 min of road) if required.
– A class of surfing of two hours.
– 30 min of deepening of the class(course) by theoretical notions and exercises of balance,  on waves and sand (according to the urgency of the tide before or after the session).
– 30 min of relaxation or free surfing.
– surf pictures feedback of the session, and the departure.
The mornings of surf lessons , coaching classes begin at 7:30 am ( soonest) or 9:00 am( latest), and ends between 12:00 am to 14H00 at the latest.Full time day of Surf Class with Surf Ontology Blue Morocco at Sidi Kaouki Essaouira area :
– Reception in the point of RDV,
– driving or walking towards the spotlight (max 30 min of road) if required,
– a surf lesson of two hours,
– 30 min of deepening of the surf lesson with technical notions and exercises of balance,  on waves and sand (according to the urgency of the tide before or after the session),
-30 min of relaxation or free surfing,
-surf pictures feedback of the session.
– the second surf lesson of the day is organized according to the tide at the beginning, in the middle or late in the afternoon.
Lunch is organized on the surf spot with shades or in the closest village, at the most convenient moment with the conditions of surfing and to the fatigue of the trainees.The surf course day ends after the last surf session that the afternoon allows, with a feedback, the watching of the day surf pictures and a snack/tea;  it generally ends from sunset to dusk.

Ocean friendly Regards…