Surfing Essaouira

Surfing in the area of Essaouira allows to combine the discovery of  surf spots of one of the last wild Moroccan costs, with the unique atmosphere of a lively and traditional Moroccan city.

Séjours dans la région d'Essaouira, surf, Maroc


Travel guides always recommend Essaouira, the ancient Mogador, as a beautiful place for tourism and surf in Morocco. Its authentic Medina and harbour, a fortified ensemble built in the end of the 18th century, took place in 2001 in the UNESCO World Heritage list. Little and tourist place, Essaouira offers a high diversity of accommodations, cafés, restaurants and bars. In its little streets surrounded by ramparts, art and hand craft lovers will find numerous galleries and local shops. Music festivals and cultural events liven up the city all year long, with typical traditional atmosphere, melting cultures and people from different countries.


Located on a peninsula surrounded by forests and overseeing the ocean, Essaouira has always seduced travellers, and sports and nature lovers. The city has the reputation of a place much more adapted to wind sports than waves sports. It is sometimes the case during summer and spring afternoons in a normal seasons cycle (but we’ ve not seen normal seasons for years). But this does not disturb every quiet mornings we have here, nor the sunsets times, nor the softness of the very beautiful and famous winter swell weeks without wind, nor the beauty of a glassy or off-shore autumn line-up.

Surf Essaouira, Blue Morocco

SURF SPOTS in the area of Essaouira, from north to south :

. 30 Km North from Essaouira, on the road to Safi, Moulay Bouzerktoun is the first step of a cost where creeks, fields, sand dunes, hills and beaches are linked together from Essaouira to Safi city. If the northern wind, called here the “Cherqui“,  does not blow, there are a lot of virgin peaks to discover there with a little or medium swell, for advanced surfers only.
. The “Plage Safi” : a big and sensitive beach break with rocky slabs
offering powerful and curly waves. To be checked with a little swell.  Its access is urban and special, next to disused, but once on the beach facing the north, only peaks, sand dunes and bushes can be seen.
. Essaouira bay : an ideal surf spot for beginners and relaxed surfers,
on condition that the swell is big enough. Waves are better on the southern part. Hight place of sailing in Essaouira, many kite surf, surf and windsurf schools are located there, providing surf lessons and board hire all year long, and closed to different cafés and restaurants with direct access to the beach.
. Sidi Kaouki  is located at 25 km south from Essaouira, on the road to Agadir. This little village opens the way to the south surf spots in the Berber region. Sidi kaouki was built around an ancient mausoleum that believers used to visit while a former pilgrimage. Today, surfers and windsurfers perpetuate this tradition.

Surf à Essaouira, Sidi Kaouki, Maroc


Thanks to the diversity of surf spots and its beautiful landscapes, the best option for free surf and surf classes in the region of Essaouira is, definitely, Sidi Kaouki. The mausoleum beach break is a good alternative for surfing with a little and medium swell. Some nice slabs also border the one-kilometre beach. On one side is « Trestles », so named by Cory Lopez and the O’neill team. On the other side, curving with relief, some aligned points and reefs, protected from wind by a wooded hill, offer some nice barrels for tricks. Filtered by aligned outside reefs and smoothed by a bottom covered with seaweeds, the waves unroll here glassy or, at worst, off-shore with medium or big swell.

Surf à Sidi Kaouki, Essaouira