2008-2012 The Journey of Blue Morocco

September 2007-June 2008: In Sidi kaouki region, are the beginnings of Blue Morocco, inspired by the region. But lacks of means and vehicle for the benefit of our visitors opens us the prospect of a return to Imessouane. We had a proper timing with a working sand bank and few people on the spot, after the birth of Nouh (our son) in Casablanca April 18, 2008.
September 2008-July 2009: Blue Morocco « at Hassan’s auberge » in Imessouane, the blue R12 1978 driving the surf boards on the roof between all beautiful waves in the bay, the river spot, the « cathedral » spot and the beach break (renamed « spot of the R12 « after its mysterious fall from the cliff overlooking the peak), great surfing, great atmosphere with the locals and good times with trainees.
September 2009 to September 2010: Blue Morocco « at Yassmine’s house » in Imessouane, surfers overpopulation at the peaks with the arrival of massive free surfers and surf camps on the spots of Imessouane, atmosphere changes, good quality of surf until March 2009, a need of space and wide …
March 2010: sandbanks in Imessouane messed up, time of the extinction of the wave of the dam, which makes the delight of fishermen, and the great misfortune of surfers; revival of the left panel, great for surfing but not for teaching..
September 2010-July 2011: « Blue Morocco » goes for an all day trip departing from Imessouane in search of waves and pristine and accessible spots, no more waves in Imessouane; difficult to keep the secret of a surf spot more than 2 months despite all precautions, want to extend the spirit of  a Blue Morocco days or surfing holiday in welcoming our guests in our house, at our table, prospect of a new journey …
July 2011: Blue Morocco returns to Sidi Kaouki, a traditional home where we feel good, opposite the beach in the shadow of Kaiser, an old cross-country vehicle for transport and hardened to the slopes, the infinite space open in front of us, trees and waves; new atmosphere, new wave, new tracks and new flavours.
April 2011: fusion culinary passion, revival of traditional drumming and dancing water (thank you « Maâlem Gilles, » thank you Stéphane and thanks, of course, Master Nicolas).

June 2012: « Fusion of coincidences » inshaAllah…

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